Launching WoW (Welcome to Our World) Program

Diversity in the workplace is important for the company to obtain different perspectives, attitudes and qualities.

Keeping this in mind and previously launched FLIP program, Manufacturing Division has proudly on-boarded 15 interns recently for a designated period of 6 months. The purpose of this program is to strengthen our succession feeder for creating back-ups and competent successors under the tutelage of seasoned SMEs. And also to increase diversity in the company i.e. diversity of gender, talent, disciplines and skills.

To ensure their smooth & effective transition, a tailored orientation program was designed with a brand name WOW - “Welcome to Our World” – comprising various learning modules.

The Division President and Vice President HR had their Meet & Greet session with these recent joiners. During the session both the leaders shared their respective career journeys and success stories and conveyed the expectations from them throughout their internship tenure.

They also talked about Descon’s Core Values and their significance in our day-to-day life, along with the importance of gender diversity.