October 23,2020

Visit to Guddu Barrage Project Site

A project of Sindh Irrigation Department and sponsored by the World Bank, Descon was awarded the contract of replacing 65 Barrage Gates over a length of about 4500 feet and 25 Canal Gates at 03 Canal Head Regulators. The barrage’s foundation was laid down by Iskandar Mirza and inaugurated by Field Marshal Ayub Khan in 1962. The structure has been exposed to much damage and corrosion over these 60 years and hence required maintenance and replacement of all the gates,  which are used to control water flow in the River Indus as well as Canals for irrigation and flood control purposes.

Having extensive work experience and profound expertise in the field, Descon is proud to be contributing to a project of National Importance, having several benefits including generation of numerous employment opportunities for the residents of local communities.

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