March 07,2022

Descon creates 20,000 skilled opportunities for Pakistani workers in multiple regions over 6 months

Descon has created 20,000 opportunities for skilled Pakistani workers in the last six months. This makes it the largest exporter of manpower in Pakistan for three consecutive years.

As a multinational conglomerate, about 15,000 job opportunities have been created overseas alone, primarily in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. A large proportion of the skills force was mobilized from Pakistan and sent to countries abroad for economic opportunities. Descon Engineering Limited’s overseas operations have also witnessed remarkable growth over the last 2 quarters, creating thousands of jobs across the Gulf region, Egypt, South Africa, and other regions.

Descon is proud of its unparalleled contributions to bring Pakistan prosperity, by creating opportunities for Pakistani citizens to work abroad and bring foreign exchange to the country. Remittances sent by overseas Pakistanis ensure that the livelihood of their families is protected, while foreign exchange in the form of remittances is crucial for the country’s economic growth.

Despite travel restrictions brought on by COVID-19, Descon has been able to meet all the deadlines to mobilize the workforce, process visas, and handle logistics, while also ensuring that the company’s performance continued in an upward trajectory. Descon is not only consistent in enabling locals in Pakistan with better employment prospects but is also committed to sending skilled Pakistani manpower to avail opportunities to make better wages abroad. So far, all the projects have been successfully completed, and the workforce has successfully returned to their respective homes.

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