October 17,2018

Descon Annual Charity Bake Sale

Descon’s Annual Charity Bake Sale took place on the 17th of October 2018, across all operational locations within Pakistan. The one day event drew a great response with over 700 Descon employees participating in the Bake Sale at Descon Headquarters in Lahore.

As a strong believer in providing for the welfare of the community in which it operates and being a socially responsible corporate entity, Descon organized the event to raise funds for the Akhuwat Foundation.

The Akhuwat Foundation is an organization that aims to alleviate poverty by providing interest-free loans to the poverty-stricken so they can start a business and become self-reliable.

In line with their belief in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Descon encourages their employees to take part in CSR, giving a chance for them to contribute towards their society. This also helps to foster a positivity in employees as they see the good that they are accomplishing with their organization for their community.

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