February 22,2022

Creating a Hub of Open Communication - CEO Communication Session

Descon Engineering Limited conducted its Half-Year CEO Communication Session for the year 2021-2022, bringing together key stakeholders of the company. The session was conducted online, connecting over 1500 participants from approximately 20 locations (offices and sites), both local and overseas. The session was led by the CEO Mr. Taimur Saeed, followed by business updates from the Leadership Team, including Presidents of various divisions. The management reinforced the importance of practicing company core values, giving a lot of emphasis to Safety and Employee Engagement.

The business performance was extremely encourging, with a very promising future outlook. The management thanked the employees for their dedication and commitment in helping the company perform outstandingly even at peak covid times.

After the Q&A, Taimur closed the session by once again thanking everyone for their perseverence and encouraging everyone to ensure safety at all times.

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