June 30,2020

CEO Communication Session Webinar Conducted Across DEL (local & overseas)

Descon recently organized its 2nd CEO Communication Session for the year 2020. Adapting to the new “normal”, the session was a live webinar conducted across all Descon Engineering locations (local & overseas).

Focus of the session was to share the company’s direction, what the immediate future holds for the business and how to get there. Nadeem Bajwa, CEO Descon Engineering, began the session with acknowledging and appreciating the fact that Descon closed the year 19-20 with 24 million safe man-hours and zero LTI.  He moved on to reinforce the company’s strategy for the next; year and its purpose of existence. Nadeem shed light on the new markets Descon plans to explore in the upcoming year, along with the fact that the company will focus on investing and growing its brownfield portfolio.  The crux of the session was the need to ensure “Excellence in Execution”.

Towards the end, Nadeem addressed the queries and concerns of the employees, thanking them for their efforts so far and motivating them to deliver what they’ve committed for the next fiscal year.

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