March 25,2020

All you need to know about Sanidol

Sanidol- Sanitizer & Disinfectant (Food-Grade/Halal/Non-Alcoholic)

Technical Collaborator: M/S Chematur Engineering AB, Sweden

SANIDOL® is a flexible universally applicable sanitizer & disinfectant, additionally stabilized by other chemicals. The product is highly effective in sanitizing & disinfecting heavily contaminated surfaces including organic contaminations.

SANIDOL kills 99.9% germs from hands & surfaces without leaving behind any harsh chemical residue. It’s a ready to use product without alcohol, ammonia, chlorine, dyes or fragrances of any kind.


- Skin disinfection (Antiseptic)

- Sanitizing (including hands)

- Disinfection & Cleaning

- Anti-fungus

- Whitening toothpaste

- Stain Remover

- Mouth-wash / Gargle

- Pesticides / Insecticides / Fungicides

- Fruits & Vegetables Sanitizer

- Toys & play areas cleaning

How to use?  

  • To use as sanitizer, spray & let it stand for 30 seconds

To disinfect the surface, spray the surface until it is thoroughly wet & let it stand for 2 to 3 minutes before wiping.

  • Unlike other disinfection products, SANIDOL is free from harsh chemicals residue so there is no rinsing step required.
  • SANIDOL is free of Alcohol & Halal certified

Working Principle

The active substance used is Hydrogen Peroxide, an environment friendly substance. In a complex manufacturing procedure, the active substance is stabilized and boosted with other chemicals, thus achieving greatly improved effectiveness against micro-organisms.

The elemental Oxygen (O2) separated by the Hydrogen Peroxide attacks the cell walls of the micro-organisms directly. The chemical reaction between the oxygen and the cell wall cause these to be denatured and destroyed, leaving water behind.


Highly effective against

- bacterial endospores

- biofilms yeasts

- fungi

- viruses (including COVID-19*)

- broad protozoan spectrum


Shelf Life

1 Year

Active Ingredients

- 1% Hydrogen Peroxide


- Product should preferably be used as a spray for hand sanitizing

- Protective gloves preferably be used while liquid handling

- Avoid eye contact. Irrigate copiously with clean water, in case of contact

- In case of skin irritation, wash off immediately with soap/water & get medical advice/attention, if required

* US EPA “List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2”

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