Sanidol - A Non Alcoholic/Halal multipurpose "Accelerated hydrogen peroxide" based Sanitizer and Disinfectant. Hyrdrogen Peroxide has been listed by Both Environmental Protection Agency & Centre for Disease Control - USA as an effective chemical against Covid 19. Being a water based product with an extra molecule of Oxygen it an eco-friendly solution that can be used for the following:

For Sanitizing & Disinfecting

- Hands
- Commercial & Household Buildings
- Kitchen & Resturants
- Spray Tunnels
- Fruits & Vegetables
- Fresh Meat, Poultry & Fish

Key Features

- Food Grade & Halal
- Eco friendly
- Chlorine Free
- Non Toxic
- No Heavy metals, Dyes or Fragrances
- Ready to use, Multipurpose product


- Toxic if swallowed
- Keep container in a cool & well-ventilated area below 25°C, avoid direct sun light.
- Avoid contamination of any kind.
- Empty cans should be rinsed with water before discarding.

First Aid

- Avoid eye contact. Irrigate copiously with clean water, in case of contact
- In case of skin irritation, wash off immediately with soap/water & get medical advice/attention, if required
- Please consult MSDS.

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