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Descon Annual Charity Bake Sale

October 17,2018

Descon’s Annual Charity Bake Sale took place on the 17th of October 2018, across all operational locations within Pakistan. The one day event drew a great response with over 700 Descon employees participating in the Bake Sale at Descon Headquarters in Lahore.

As a strong believer in providing for the welfare of the community in which it operates and being a socially responsible corporate entity, Descon organized the event to raise funds for the Akhuwat Foundation.

The Akhuwat Foundation is an organization that aims to alleviate poverty by providing interest-free loans to the poverty-stricken so they can start a business and become self-reliable.

In line with their belief in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Descon encourages their employees to take part in CSR, giving a chance for them to contribute towards their society. This also helps to foster a positivity in employees as they see the good that they are accomplishing with their organization for their community.


Descon Expands Operations into South Africa

August 21,2018

Descon has recently acquired 26% of shares in Plant Design and Project Services (PDPS).  PDPS is a South African company providing a comprehensive range of technical, engineering, maintenance and project management services to the power generation, chemical and petrochemical industries.

With the purchase of the shares the PDPS Board will now include two Descon nominees.

Descon and PDPS had successfully completed a project at a Sasol Limited facility in Secunda, South Africa prior to this acquisition, in which 75 Descon personnel were involved.

Speaking of the acquisition, Mr. Faisal Dawood, CEO Descon Engineering Limited said, “Our association with PDPS is the culmination of two years of strategy and effort to enter into the African market. This is an exciting new chapter for us and we are looking forward to continuing our growth. We will bring the same excellent service quality that we are renowned for to our interests here in South Africa.”

Descon Engineering is planning to increase their shareholding in PDPS to 49% and their management intends to visit South Africa later in the year to explore further opportunities in the region.

Anwar Ul Haq, President Maintenance Division, Descon Engineering further added that this acquisition was aligned with their vision to expand Descon’s global presence. “Our belief is that by expanding our services on the world stage, we will not only benefit from a greater market reach but also from the learnings that will be acquired in these new markets.”


Descon celebrates Independence Day of Pakistan

August 14,2018

Descon held their annual events to commemorate the 71st Independence Day of Pakistan.

The celebrations took place across all Descon locations, which included ongoing project sites. The participants took part in a number of activities that included cutting cakes, hoisting the flag and singing the national anthem.

Speaking on the occasion, Adnan Bakhtiar, Division President Infrastructure said, “As a proud Pakistani, I would like to take the opportunity on this great occasion to share my hope that in the coming years and decades, we remain steadfastly Partners in Progress to the growth of our great nation.”

As a multinational company, Descon also held the festivities in their global locations where their employees of many different nationalities and backgrounds came together to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Additionally, Abdul Sohail, Company Secretary stated, “The success of a nation is built on the backs of its citizens. As an indigenous organization that has developed alongside Pakistan, we will continue to persevere in our endeavors to make Pakistan proud.”

Descon is a multinational company headquartered in Pakistan with interests in the power, chemical and engineering industries, with allied interests in inspection and testing. They are also actively involved in fulfilling corporate social responsibility through a number of initiatives including educating underprivileged youth, and improving their livelihood through the Descon Technical Institute.


FFC Energy Limited Extends Contract with Descon Power Solutions

July 12,2018

Descon Power Solutions (DPS) successfully completed Operations & Maintenance (O&M) project with FFC Energy Limited (FFCEL).  The successful completion of the five year contract led to the O&M contract being extended by three additional years.

This was the first O&M project in the wind sector for DPS and brought with it significant new challenges. The smooth execution of this project helped DPS acquire additional projects including FWEL-I, FWEL-II, Metro, Gul Ahmed, Yunus Energy Limited; having Nordex turbines and Hartford Alternate Energy having GE turbines.

The successful completion of the initial five year contract was attributed by Waseem Qazi, CEO Descon Power Solutions, to the relentless efforts put in by the DPS team. “I am very pleased with the way my team has performed in going beyond FFCEL’s satisfaction, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety for which Descon Power Solutions is renowned.” he added.

Descon Power Solutions is one of the market leaders in the O&M sector of Pakistan, currently managing fourteen different sites and has an excellent track record of operating and maintaining Thermal, Wind, Reciprocating Engines and Bagasse based power plants. The plants in their O&M portfolio consistently achieve world-class performance in EHS and availability. Further FFCEL & DPS are jointly exploring avenues of mutual interest in the wind sector.


Annual CEO Communication Session takes place across Descon

May 18,2018

Descon Engineering, a premier EPC company in Pakistan conducted their Bi - Annual CEO Communications sessions to further their foundation of trust and open communication. These sessions were carried out across all Descon operations in Pakistan and overseas.

Carried out in March & May, the event was opened by Ahsan Qureshi, CHRO who further passed it on to Abdul Razak Dawood, CEO. Speaking on the current situation and future plans of Descon, the intention was to keep all the employees aware of the progress made in the last year.

Awareness on filters of Talent Assessment Program (TAP), a biennial activity conducted to assess the leadership potential of current employees was also included in the event where the CEO talked about the 9-box grid and Descon Talent Management Process (DTMP).

The 9-box grid is a succession planning and employee development tool used in the Talent Assessment Program in the form of a grid that places employees in different boxes based on their performance and potential

As part of this discussion, the process of identifying TAPPERs, employees who make it to the 9-box grid based on meeting several internally defined assessment criteria, was also discussed.

Mr. Ahsan Qureshi shared his views and stated that, “We are fully committed to the flow of open and honest communications across all levels of our organization. We want our employees to know where we stand and what the future holds for Descon. The CEO Communication sessions play an integral part in making this possible.”

These sessions also included the recognition and appreciation of those who had exhibited key behaviors of Descon’s core values. Employees were also given a platform to voice questions, which were personally addressed by the CEO and Leadership Team.


BARD sponsoring young swimmer

May 15,2018

Sports is a heavily under-enabled and under-promoted segment in Pakistan. Despite an abundance of talent, few opportunities being accessible to individuals results in lowering their number. In many cases, though, they continue to persevere and devote their own resources to train and improve.

Cricket however, steers clear from such under rating, encouraging its players. But this isn’t true for the plethora of other sports which are out there, waiting to be recognised.

One such sportsperson is young Pakistani swimmer Mishael Ayesha Ayub, who has been making waves in international competitions. She has already distinguished herself by claiming the place of Best Under-16 swimmer in Pakistan, breaking multiple national records and was the youngest team member on the team for the South Asian Games in 2016, as well as achieving a bronze medal for relay in the 2017 Islamic Games that took place in Baku.

She has been training since the age of 11, taking inspiration from her grandfather, Mazhar Ali Khan, who himself represented Pakistan as a swimmer many years ago. She is being coached by Ghulam Murtaza, whom she met in 2013. Ghulam Murtaza himself is a former swimming National Champion.

According to Mishael, some of the issues facing young swimmers are the lack of sponsorships, promotions, and good training facilities in Pakistan.

Unlike Cricket, there is not enough media coverage of other sports such as swimming. And the government needs to be more encouraging of people with more programmes and coaching camps that promote sports such as swimming.

Another reason, Mishael sees in the lack of support is that young people are generally discouraged from pursuing sports professionally by both parents and teachers. She believes herself lucky for having a family that is supportive, as most sportspeople will discontinue their training around the time they turn 18, which is when they should be attaining their prime.

Other countries, especially those in the West, encourage their student-athletes with university programs that offer sponsorships and governmental support. Moreover, their physical training programs start at the school level.

Lahore especially lacks facilities that are open year round and up to international standards. Those that are open, are private and thus expensive to use. Mishael added that she felt while Lahore had a number of top female swimmers, Karachi had a larger environment for swimming. Lahore, she said, needs more local competitions, more coaching and classes for younger people.

The lack of strong local facilities, says Mishael, gives an unfair advantage to Pakistani-origin sportspeople who represent Pakistan but live and train overseas and only return to Pakistan to participate in trials. When such sportspeople are selected for international competitions, it can be very discouraging for the talented young sportspeople living and training in Pakistan.

However this trend is being turned over by a local Pakistani NGO, Bilquis and Abdul Razak Dawood (BARD) Foundation. BARD has taken the onus on itself to encourage and support young people in pursuing their dreams.

To further hone her talents, Mishael’s family approached BARD Foundation for assistance and through BARD’s financial support, Mishael will be training in Spain this June, for twelve days along with her coach.

While Mishael says the time will be short, it will nonetheless give her the chance to test her limits and find and work on her weaknesses. Once they return, Mishael and her coach will be able to continue utilizing the techniques learnt abroad to further her training in Pakistan.

Mishael has set herself the goal of breaking the record in her main style, the butterfly stroke, as well as obtaining a medal in the 2019 Asian Games.


Altern Energy & Descon Power hold Annual Function

April 30,2018

Altern Energy Limited (AEL) and Descon Power Solutions (DPS) held their Annual Employee Function on the 25th of April 2018, with all employees at the Altern Energy plant in Fateh Jang.

In attendance for the event were the Senior Management Team from the Head Office, including the CEO, Head HR, DGM Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Wind & Solar, Head Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety (QEHS), among others.

The event began with presentations from the plant team on both improvement plans for the plant and the QEHS activities held there during the past year followed by lunch.

After lunch, a number of activities took place between the teams in attendance. These included a friendly cricket match between the AEL and DPS Head Office Teams and a tug of war competition between the Operations & Maintenance Teams.

The event concluded with a prize distribution ceremony, musical evening and dinner. The purpose of the event was to reinforce organization’s culture and deepen the staff’s ties to both the company and each other while removing barriers between the various departments and teams.

“Our success was made possible solely thanks to the responsibilities shouldered by our team members in upholding our reputation for excellence. This event is our way of both thanking them and celebrating their achievements over the past year, even as we look ahead to taking on and overcoming the challenges of the coming year,” said Waseem Qazi, CEO DPS.


Descon Strategy Offsite

April 27,2018

Descon’s Corporate Strategy Department arranged a Strategy Offsite at the Royal Palm Golf & Country Club in February. This session was attended by the CEOs and Division Presidents of all Descon companies over a period of two days.

Prominent members of the industry participated as guest speakers at the session. The aim of this Strategy Offsite was to generate foresights into the various Descon businesses and how to better strategize for the future. The session concluded with the participants recognizing the focus they had gained on the outlook of their respective businesses.


Descon Celebrates Women Empowerment Month

April 27,2018

Descon held a ceremony for concluding the festivities of celebrating womenhood, which was initiated on the 8th of March for International Women’s Day (IWD). The concluding ceremony was attended by the Descon leadership team including Descon CEO, Abdul Razak Dawood and CHRO, Ahsan Qureshi.

Under the global theme of “Press for Progress”, the event by Descon was branded with the tagline of “IMPOWER”. The celebrations which took place across all Descon entities in Pakistan and overseas were carried out to promote gender diversity and the empowerment of women.

The concluding event was organized and moderated by Gohar Nafees, Manager Talent & OD, included guest Organizational Psychologist, Yasmeen Butt conducting a highly appreciated Laughter Therapy session and a Power Talk by senior female leaders including Aafiah Khan, Head Descon Automation & Control.

Another prominent feature of the event was the Launch of Descon Women Connect, a forum for the empowerment of female talent. This forum will be divided into 3 phases and focus on the development of women at Descon, as well as, encourage and inspire young women yet to enter the workforce to be career oriented and empowered.


Descon Oxychem Announces Expansion Plan

April 27,2018

Descon Oxychem Limited (DOL) has recently undertaken a decision to increase the production capacity of their existing Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) manufacturing facility located in Lahore. Since starting production in December 2008, DOL has grown rapidly, becoming Pakistan's market leader in HP and currently the largest manufacturer of HP in the country; supplying consistently to its customers in many industries including textile, food, beverages and mining.

HP producers in Pakistan contribute approximately USD 24 million per annum in foreign exchange savings. Savings in foreign exchange will increase as DOLs new capacity comes on line. Keeping in mind the future market demand, the Company has decided to increase production capacity by 25%, ensuring that supply grows with the demand pattern of the industries the Company serves.

DOL's name plate capacity at their Lahore facility at the time of commencement of production was  84 Metric Tons (MT) per day.  Subsequently the Company was able to debottleneck the plant and improve the chemistry that lead to the increase in capacity to 94 MT/day.  After completing the announced expansion, DOL will be able to increase their plant's production capacity to 120 MT/day.


Descon organizes Annual Blood Drive

April 25,2018

Descon’s Annual Blood Drive took place on the 24th of April 2018, at their Lahore & Karachi offices and facilities, simultaneously. The one day event drew a great response and was attended by over 100 Descon employees from every level of the organization.

A strong believer in community service and being a socially responsible corporate entity, Descon collaborated with the Sundas and Fatmid Foundations for the occasion. The two Foundations provide voluntary blood transfusion services to needy patients suffering from chronic blood disorders requiring blood or blood component therapy in Pakistan.

In line with their belief in corporate social responsibility, Descon’s employees have been actively participating in these blood donation campaigns since 2013, a testament of their commitment towards saving the lives of those suffering from chronic blood related ailments.

Talking on the occasion, Ahsan Qureshi, CHRO Descon Engineering said, “In Pakistan, there are countless cases of patients battling blood related illnesses. Our Annual Blood Drive serves as an excellent example of our commitment and passion, at every level of the organization, for helping our community.”


Descon Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

January 02,2018

In a gracious full day event held at Descon’s headquarters in Lahore, the company celebrated its 40thanniversary marking a long and successful journey of four decades. The event was presided by the Chairman of Descon, Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood. In his speech while remembering the past, he said “We are what we are today, because we did what we did yesterday”. Descon is a leader in Pakistani multinationals and a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs. He said that all of this has only been made possible due to the efforts of our team. He thanked the Descon employees for 40 years of teamwork, dedication and hard work and paid tribute to them by saying that Descon family are the true builders of this institution. He further acknowledged the efforts of previous employees by saying that we are celebrating because we are standing tall on the shoulders of those Desconians who came before us. During the past 40 years we have made tremendous efforts to turn Pakistan into a corporate power house and at the same time to serve the society as well. He also maintained that Descon will continue its efforts to provide best quality services to its clients and become a source of pride for Pakistan in the future as well. On this occasion, famous motivational speaker, Muniba Mazari, also gave her speech over how to overcome the difficulties and barriers in life and never lose hope at any point. The event was followed by the concert of Pakistan’s biggest pop star, Atif Aslam. The event proved to a source of inspiration for the company employees and management, for reflecting on the wonderful past of the company and to reaffirm their commitment to achieving even more in future as the “best is yet to come”.


Descon Kicks Off 40 Years Celeberations

November 13,2017

 In an auspicious ceremony held at Descon Headquarters, Descon kicked off its 40th anniversary by unveiling the 40 years celebration logo. Descon will reach its 40 year landmark on the 15th of December 2017 by celebrating with its employees in a befitting manner. The ceremony was presided by the Chairman of Descon, Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood along with the management team. He congratulated all employees working for various Descon entities on achieving this major milestone.Mr. Razzak Dawood highlighted that Descon has emerged as one of the premier conglomerates of Pakistan operating in Engineering, Power and Chemicals sectors in the country. The Company has over 15,000 employees from more than 20 different nationalities. He informed the audience about the international footprint of Descon and the recent expansion into South Africa. He said that Descon is the first Pakistani multinational company having four overseas manufacturing units. He also mentioned the CSR and philanthropic efforts of Descon and how they have helped in building a prosperous Pakistan by providing vocational and technical training to the unemployed youth through DTI (Descon Technical Institute). He said that despite all of these achievements, “the best is yet to come”. President Infrastructure Division of Descon Engineering, Mr. Adnan Bakhtiar also addressed the audience. He informed that Descon’s infrastructure development projects in Pakistan have played a pivotal role in establishing the infrastructural backbone of the country. Lastly, Mr. Waseem Qazi, CEO of Descon Power Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd addressed the audience and highlighted Descon’s achievements in operating some of the most technologically advanced power generation plants in Pakistan. The event was followed by a gracious lunch for the company employees.



September 25,2017

In line with Descon’s vision to expand its global presence, for the last two years Descon was working on its strategy to enter into Africa. Today, the effective implementation of that strategy has culminated into Descon’s association with Plant Design and Project Services (PDPS) - a company providing a comprehensive range of technical, engineering, maintenance and project management services.

 As a result of this alliance, Descon and PDPS have recently completed the successful shutdown at SASOL’s facility in Secunda, South Africa. 75 of Descon’s manpower who were on ground for this project have returned back to Pakistan last week. The management intends to visit South Africa later in the year to explore further opportunities in the region with PDPS.



May 04,2017

Descon Engineering has been awarded with 2 No. 132 KV AIS Grid Station Projects on turnkey basis from Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO). Descon’s E&I business line’s grid station segment will be further strengthened by the addition of these projects, a milestone aligned with the Management’s strategy.



May 04,2017

Descon Engineering has been awarded the Civil, Mechanical & Electrical construction works of Maple Leaf Cement Plant Line – 3, having a 7000 TPD capacity at Iskanderabad, which is one of the largest capacity cement plants in Pakistan.



May 04,2017

Descon Engineering has been awarded with the construction of Defence Housing Authority Lahore’s 132KV AIS grid stations for Phases 8 & 9.



May 03,2017

Descon Engineering Limited has formed Descon Automation & Control Business Unit fulfill the automation, control and optimization needs of the Industry both locally and abroad. Then vision of the business is to not only be the Center of Excellence in the Automation domain but to also be an Industry leader in providing value added services that sit both above and  alongside the automation systems.



May 03,2017

On 19th April 2017, Descon Engineering signed a MoU with China Gezhouba Group No 3 Engineering Company Limited in Islamabad. China Gezhouba Group No. 3 Engineering Company is part of China Gezhouba Group Company Limited (CGGC), one of the largest groups of China in the engineering and construction industry with significant experience in building large dams, roads, bridges and mega hydropower projects in China and overseas. The partnership aims to enhance Descon’s possibilities in collaborating with China Gezhouba on major HPP projects that they have been awarded.