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Descon is Pakistan’s leading producer of hydrogen peroxide with a state-of-the art production facility from the leading Swedish firm Chematur. Our production capacity is around 28,000 tons per annum. With almost 30 years of experience in the chemical industry, Descon is able to offer high quality products backed up by technical, engineering and sales support.

   General Information

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is an environmentally friendly chemical with multiple areas of application. It is used for oxidation reactions, bleaching processes in textile, pulp, and paper industries, waste water treatment, exhaust air treatment and for various disinfection applications. It does not yield any harmful byproducts when applied as it decomposes to yield only water and oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide is produced today almost exclusively according to the Anthraquinone-autoxidation process. In this AO process, H2O2 is produced from hydrogen and atmospheric oxygen, whereby an anthraquinone derivative, which is circulated, acts as a "reaction carrier". The crude hydrogen peroxide derived through the AO process is then purified and concentrated. After appropriate stabilization, it is marketed as an aqueous solution, usually in concentrations of 35 and 50 percent by weight. Food and Aseptic grade is also available to meet the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry.

   Our Brands

Listed are the different brands of Hydrogen Peroxide available from Descon:

  • FOOROX 35: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Concentration 
  • ASEPTOX 35: Aseptic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Concentration
  •  DOLOX 35: Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Concentration


  • TEXTOX 50: Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Concentration for Textile Industry
  • PRINTOX 50: Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Concentration for Paper & Pulp Industry
  • DOLOX 50: Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Concentration


  • PRINTOX 60: Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 60% Concentration for Paper and Pulp Industry
  • DOLOX 60: Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 60% Concentration


The main application fields for these three grades are bleaching in the pulp and paper industry, for bleaching natural and synthetic fibres in the textile industry; for oxidation reactions in the chemical industry; and for detoxification and deodorization in environmental processes.

Please check with your regional contact about the availability of a desired grade of hydrogen peroxide.

   Packaging and Delivery

Hydrogen peroxide is available in concentrations of 35 percent by wt. and 50 percent by wt. For distinct applications, special grades are available. Depending on the requirement, shipment is made in small or large containers. For consumers of large quantities, the construction of a tank installation is recommended.

Common forms of packaging for hydrogen peroxide are:

§  30 Kg Jerry Cans made of virgin High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE)(available also in Palletized packaging)

§  IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) with 1 ton capacity

§  Container, capacity 17 and 34 tons

§  Road tanker, capacity 20 and 40 tons



Only certain materials that do not promote the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide are suitable for the construction of container and storage equipment. As construction material for storage tanks, pure aluminum, AIMg3 and more recently—owing to the reduced corrosion problems—polyethylene (up to 60 percent by wt. H2O2) or stainless steel are used.

If possible, hydrogen peroxide should be stored in roofed, fireproof rooms where it can be kept cool and protected from the sun. It can, however, withstand summer temperatures as well as severe, cold winter temperatures. It is important that the hydrogen peroxide is protected against all types of contamination. With proper storage in the original containers or in tank installations, the solutions can be stored for long periods of time without noticeable losses in active oxygen (less than 2% relative per year).

Aluminum and stainless steel tanks can be installed horizontally or vertically, but for static reasons polyethylene containers must be installed only vertically. For reasons of safety, it is advisable to install larger storage containers in a collection basin. Stainless steel and PVC have proven most effective for piping. Before initial filling, the storage tank and all parts in an H2O2 storage tank installation must be cleaned and made passive.

Storage tanks, intermediate containers, as well as dosing and reaction vessels must be fitted with venting equipment. In addition, hydrogen peroxide must not remain trapped in pipes between valves because decomposition could lead to overpressure.

Descon has acquired extensive experience in the planning and construction of tank installations, which we are glad to make available to our customers. Our Engineering Group carries out the design, construction, and initial filling, including prior cleaning. As the smallest unit, 6 m³ tank installations are normally built, which permit delivery of the product in 5 ton containers. In general, such an installation is economically feasible for an annual requirement of at least 20—30 tons.


For concentrations of 35 and 50 percent by wt., the following classifications apply:

Concentration of H2O2

IMDG code

Orange warning panel
pursuant to ADR/RID

20% to <=60% by wt.

5.1, UN 2014, PG. II








For air transportation, only a concentration of 35 percent by weight hydrogen peroxide is permitted by the IATA:

Air transportation

Concentration of H2O2


20% to 40% by wt.

5.1, UN 2014, PG. II *)

>40% by wt.





*) For packaging to be shipped by air hermetically closure is mandatory. Considering that hydrogen peroxide steadily emits oxygen, enough ullage must be left in the packaging in order to prevent bursting.

National regulations may differ from one country to another, and are being revised continuously. Customers who want to transport hydrogen peroxide within particular national boundaries should refer to the applicable national regulations.

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